Bespoke Lighting In Architecture And Interior Design

Many people believe light to be the fourth dimension, and in a sense, it is! That’s because lighting has the power to change the way we perceive space. Good bespoke lighting design can make spaces feel charming, cozy, and attractive, whereas bad lighting can make things feel cold, stark, and unwelcoming.

Over the course of years, innovation in the lighting industry has taken leaps and bounds! The idea of light presented in beautiful fixtures has taken a life of its own. Designers these days are inventing decorative fixtures that are not only customized according to the user’s preference but can also have a huge impact on the surroundings. Let’s take a look at what the custom lighting genre has to offer these days:

  • Bespoke Light Features

These days, light fixtures are not bound by their physical forms. In fact, they tend to be as organic and far-reaching as possible. These bespoke lighting installations are usually decorative. They’re used to enhance the ambience and are rarely used in fully-functional spaces. Their purpose is to add charisma along with an eye-catching statement-worthy effect to the surroundings. The custom installation in Gregory Hills RSL is an excellent example that involves hundreds of meters of threaded brass ball chain into a ceiling-mounted fixture!

  • Sculptural & Themed Custom Lighting

The best kind of bespoke lighting can be emulated in sculptural and themed forms. Sculptural fixtures are usually used in high-end and upscale establishments such as luxury hotels, clubs, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. The custom light installation at the Broadway Shopping Centre is an excellent example of emulation sculptures in light form.

On the other hand, themed light fixtures can be installed in any setting, be it homes, offices, or shops. The bee light fixtures in the Westpoint Blacktown project is a totally on-point example of how themed lights can be used to complement a space!

Bespoke Bamboo Light in Burwood Rsl, Sydney

Bespoke Bamboo Light in Burwood Rsl, Sydney

  • Sprawling Ceilings

Bespoke lighting design is not simply restricted to beautiful light fixtures. It can also be implemented in the form of sprawling ceilings. The beauty of custom lighting is that it can be articulated in all residential, commercial, and even retail sectors. The ceilings can be artfully managed and designed with strategically placed light fixtures to get the best luminary and visual results. 

The customized ceiling in Newcastle is an excellent example of what an imaginative lighting designer can do. Its mirrored ceiling with a grid-iron lattice hung with stunning light globes sets the bar really high for bespoke lighting in Australia

  • Specialized Lighting

Specialized lighting is usually needed according to the specifications of a particular project. For example, the bespoke lighting mason jars used in the Collegians club revitalization enhance the rustic background two-fold. Their dramatic play on light-and-shadows adds more personality to the entire ambience. They highlight the texture of the bricks while providing a beautiful and eye-catching custom lighting fixture that feeds the allure of the overall ambience. 

This is how specialized lighting works in most cases.

So this is how bespoke lighting can redefine the very essence of architecture and interior design. From ceilings to vast installations to small-scale residential fixtures, every lighting venture has a significant impact on a space. You can contact Di Emme Solutions for anything that you’d want in this category!