Working together with artists to deliver 2D & 3D creative works that meet the aesthetic and practical challengers of your brief.


collaborative process

We regularly partner with artists to deliver unique creative works to enliven interior and exterior spaces. Sometimes our clients commission specific artists for their distinctive talents, and at other times we identify Di Emme artisans who can realise our clients’ ideas.

The collaborative process is different for every project. We work from rough sketches, maquettes or full-fledged designs. We assist artists in scaling-up their work or translating it to unfamiliar media. We can design armatures and rigging, and source materials and manufacturers.


Our creative team has a complement of skills in drafting, metalwork, sculpting, carpentry and painting. We create prototypes, work with artists in finessing designs, and produce 2D and 3D artworks that meet the aesthetic and practical requirements of the brief.



When we work with artists our focus is on authenticity, whether we are painting a mural, producing a laser cut screen, sculpting a mobile, or designing a framework, we aim to be true to the creators.


We are experienced in working with builders, architects and interior designers in range of venues from large-scale shopping centres, apartment complexes and public spaces, to boutique hotels, restaurants and cafes.

Our project managers will coordinate with site personnel for the smooth installation of pre-fabricated artworks, manage onsite activities, and work with artists on adding the finishing touches.