Di Emme offers an extensive range of more than 500 different paint finishes


wall treatments

Popualr finishes include stucco, gilding, rust, antique finishes, Marmorino, wood grain and sponge finishes. These can be applied in the studio or directly onsite onto walls, columns and ceilings.

With our team of experienced artisans, Di Emme has been involved in a number of fine restoration projects including Sydney Town Hall and Admiralty House at Kirribilli.

Our skillful team can also create murals and they are experienced in maintaining a unified application of complex finishes over large areas for commercial projects.


For inspiration you can see Di Emme’s ever-expanding library of traditional and contemporary paint finishes and then work with our talented artists to create personalised effects for your project.

Di Emme can also create any custom finish you desire.

An Industrial look without the weight

With innovative material technology it is possible to realise an industrial metal and concrete look without the weight of conventional metal and concrete.

Panels and screens are hand manipulated during the manufacturing process - so no two panels are identical though multiple panels can be created with a uniform look and colour.