Adaptive reuse ceiling feature at Newtown Central


Retail strategist and architectural design consultant, Geoff Wilson (Geoffreything.Studio), set the strategic direction for Newtown Central with a brief to create a commercially successful and sustainable environment in the heart of the vibrant inner west neighbourhood.

The adaptive reuse ceiling feature is a key sustainable element. Geoffreything.Studio collaborated with Di Emme for creative and technical support to produce the giant ceiling assembly from the outdated feature.

Di Emme took down the existing aluminium blades, with faux wood finish, that were suspended at uniform intervals from the shopping centre ceiling. Then, based on a model provided by Geoffrey.Studio, Di Emme laid out the aluminium blades in the workshop car park and reproduced the layout in CAD.

The ceiling assembly is a mixture of flat blades and ‘V’ forms. Di Emme welded the blades and manufactured hangers for suspending the assembly.

Di Emme assembled the massive structure on site at Newtown Central and installed it during night hours.

Susan WoodlandDi Emme