Canterbury League Club Redevelopment


The five-year redevelopment of the Canterbury League Club in Belmore Sydney is nearing completion. Project architects, Altis Architecture, have drawn on the skill and ingenuity of Di Emme to deliver many of the exterior and interior elements.

For the final stage, Di Emme fabricated the water feature at the club entrance. The fountain has a cast bronze resin lip with a geometric inlaid pattern where the water overflows.

Di Emme created the decorative panels and curved metalwork on the club’s exterior. The panels are cold cast from fibreglass resin that is loaded with bronze powder to produce a beautiful patina when buffed. The curved exterior metalwork was hand-bent in Di Emme’s Leichhardt workshop.

Interior elements included hand carving, gilding, fibreglass casting, painting and joinery in the Paris bistro-inspired Bakehouse Café. Di Emme constructed room dividers for gaming areas from gold powder coated tubular aluminium with decorative amber resin inserts, and fabricated sculpted metal lily pads for the luxury amenities.

Susan Woodland