Creative Metalwork in Architecture And Interior Design

The field of architecture and interior design is ever-changing. There are so many different materials and techniques being introduced every day, but the one element that remains constant is metal. Creative metalwork has become a lynchpin in the design and construction world. It’s not only the basis of modern structures but also how we perceive the end results. There are many facets of creative metal fabrication that can be implemented in interior design, architectural body, or even a landscape, so let’s take a look at some of the best options and how they suit various purposes:

Custom metalwork in Walls

Whether it’s the exterior elevation or a rapidly curving interior wall, creative metalwork can be used in all manners. The best part is that you don’t even have to worry about the finishes. For anyone who’s ever been fascinated by a curved wooden wall in a corridor? That’s actually metal with a wood finish. Similarly, the intricately patterned screens on building facades? Those are metal as well. However, the most innovative metal wall-work includes punched aluminium screens that shine like a beacon in both day and night lights on building facades!

Custom metalwork by Diemme Creative Solutions - Punched aluminium screens

Custom metalwork by Diemme Creative Solutions - Punched aluminium screens

Modern Window/Door Frames

Metal door and window frames are perhaps the most typical and widely used creative metalwork you’ll ever see. But the fact remains that you can customize the frames to suit both: your building exterior and interior! This technique works especially well for commercial buildings and hotels, where the façade treatment has to be as symmetrical as possible.

Interior Design Elements

Custom metalwork takes a whole new meaning in interior designing and closed spaces. The idea here is to deliver a look that matches with the overall theme of the space, which means moulding metal elements to suit the atmosphere. There are a lot of ways to do that. For example, creative metal fabrication can be used to design customized inlays for statement walls. Perforated metal screens can be used to add a semi-transparent aura to an ambience. Aluminium lattices can be designed to enhance the false ceiling design. Interior art installations can be carried out in small-sized metal units – you can even design a decorative curtain wall with this technique! Or the best – metal wall décor in customized shapes!

Creative metalwork by Di Emme Creative Solutions - brass poppy flower wall

Creative metalwork by Di Emme Creative Solutions - brass poppy flower wall

Landscape Design Elements

Landscaping basically requires creating a public-friendly ambience in large urbanized areas. Designers have long since perfected the art of introducing landmark elements in such spaces to make them more iconic, easily accessible, and simple to remember. Creative metalwork comes quite handy here as there’s a lot of opportunity to emulate fascinating outdoor furnishings, sheds, walkway elements, and sculptures in a manicured public space! 

A lodestar of a metal landmark can become the center of a piazza. Perforated screens can be attached to light poles or arcade columns for a more colourful visual experience.  Outdoor privacy screens can be erected on personal properties instead of typical fences. Even a memorial sepulture can be erected in custom metalwork for public viewing! 

As you can see, creative metal fabrication can open a lot of doors for designing all sorts of spaces. The sky’s the limit, so unleash your creative license and get ready to spruce up your spaces with custom metalwork at Diemme!